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Intervista a Iryna Kopanytsia, vice presidente di White Ribbon Ukraine, su We Play for Peace

Abbiamo raggiunto Iryna Kopanytsia, vice presidente di White Ribbon Ukraine, partner di Hyntegra odv (che abbiamo intervistato ieri) che ha avuto un ruolo importantissimo per permettere ai giocatori della Dynamo Kiev di venire in Italia, settimana prossima, per la prima Edizione della Hyntegra Cup.

We reached out Iryna Kopanytsia, vice president of White Ribbon Ukraine, partner of Hyntegra odv (whom we interviewed yesterday) who played a very important role in connecting Dynamo Kiev players to come to Italy next week for Hyntegra Cup.

Dear Iryna, welcome to Italy and thank you for bringing us the Dynamo Kiev players.

How is the situation in Ukraine?

Now we are seeing the manifestations of PTSD in all categories of the population already in full. this applies both to refugees who have moved to other countries and to those involved and not directly involved in hostilities inside country. Both adults and children. Disruption of the immune system due to stress with children and depression with adults is a sad consequences. But people help each other, support. Show strong will.

  • Can football help Peace?

Sport, art – all that primary brings anti stress effect, those are proved great resultative methods of psychological reabilitation not only for children, but even for adults and militaries. It help to bring children and their families back to normal life

  • How are the children experiencing this war situation?

Working a lot with refugees from frontlines like Brahmut and occupied territories like Mariupol i see that a lot of women in a deep depression state. After passing first levels of shock, pain the body sometimes freezes at the level of physiological reactions. The best therapy is to be fully involved into some activities, especially good if that is meaningful for other people. Same with children i see many especially very young age of 4-5 who after first waves of stress has broken immune system, catch all possible viruses one by one. I’m sure sport related activities and actions can bring them back to normal healthy life.

  • What can Italy do for Ukraine?

I don’t know a lot about government level of support, but i feel unbelievable support from people, who from the first days of the war helped to settle and host our refugees, amazing organizations and people like Hyntegra and Luca Berliti

  • What are the other social initiatives of White Ribbon Ukraine?

We’re doing regular art classes with english language lessons for children of Mariupol refugees, working on psychological reabilitation with women from Mariupol, then helping in socialization and obtaining new skills in Business incubator projects, now testing different programs as an instrument of psychological

Yrina Kopanitsia

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